Monitor Metrics, Create Reports, Get Answers

Rasper is a business reporting tool. It automatically collects data stored in multiple tools already used by your business to avoid any manual work. To make it even easier for you, Rasper is using a set of predefined metrics that measure various aspects of business, like finances, sales, customer support, productivity and others.

Predefined Metrics Library

We do not expect you to be a professional data analyst. No need to build queries, navigate through complex UI or wait for an assistant to create a report you need. Rasper team is working hard to document industry best practices and define metrics and KPIs that you can apply to monitor various aspects of your business. We encourage you to reuse that know-how, instead of reinventing the wheel.

Data From Your CRM and Help Desk

Rasper automatically connects to your CRM and help desk to gather any needed data for further analysis and measurement. We work with popular tools like Salesforce, Zendesk, Hubspot, Intercom, Pipedrive and many others.

Scheduled Business Reports

Schedule your reports to be delivered daily, weekly or monthly to bring you relevant metrics at the cadence you desire. Armed with this data, your day will be more productive than ever.

Export into CSV/Excel

Want to download metrics data for further analysis? No problem, Rasper allows you to download metrics into a CSV which you can open in Excel, Google Spreadsheet or the business intelligence tool of your choice.

Custom Reports

Need to customize the reports to include data important for your business? Rasper allows you to create custom metrics reports to cover various aspects of your business.