Replace a Data Analysts, that
You Never Actually Had

Every morning at 8 am, Rasper delivers a daily brief with your choice of business metrics. We believe this simple daily email can significantly improve your productivity by giving the answers to important questions and guiding the business in the right direction. 

Daily Routine

Configure your daily brief email to include all relevant metrics you care about. Just enough data, to make a difference. Armed with data, your day will be more productive than ever before.

Monitor Trends, Not Dots

Its not enough to measure KPIs once per quarter and reports those to your board. With Rasper you will know the trends by measuring various aspects of your business on a daily basis and having access to historical measurements.

Metrics Library

We do not expect you to be a professional data analyst. No need to build queries, navigate through complex UI or wait for an assistant to send out the report. Rasper team is working hard to document industry best practices and define metrics and KPIs that you can use to monitor various aspects of your business. We encourage you to reuse that know-how, instead of reinventing the wheel. Find out more at Rasper Metrics Library

Share with Managers and Peers

You can easily share any report with team members. Reviewing the same report together with team mates can motivate you to finish your work on time and not to postpone any required data entry.

Email and Mobile Friendly

We prioritize readability of important data over pushing too many details into a single report. Instead of complex visualizations we use simple numbers and tables wherever possible. All of this makes Rasper email reports readable on any of your devices.

Export Metrics

We do not set any limitations on having access to your metrics data. You can export any metric values that Rasper has calculated on your behalf.