Business Metrics, Every Morning

Every morning at 8am, Rasper delivers daily email with business metrics and reports to your team. We believe that simple daily update of business metrics can significantly improve your productivity by giving the answers to important questions and guiding the business in the right direction. Armed with data, your day will be more productive than ever before.

1. Find the Right Metrics

Choose and subscribe to any business report from the collection predefined by Rasper. If you don't find the right report, we can create custom one just for you.

2. Get Daily Brief at 8am

Every morning we send out daily brief to you by email with reports you are subscribed to. We keep our reports short and mobile friendly. Ideal companion for a morning cup of coffee.

3. Share With Team

Don't keep valuable insights only to yourself. Share reports with team members, to be better prepared for upcoming day. Each user can subscribe to their own reports.

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