Yes, Business Can Be Measured

We all know how important measurement is for the success of your business. But do you have the right tools to collect business metrics on a regular basis? Rasper is a business measurement utility that helps you monitor metrics and KPIs. 

Manage with Metrics

Every manager knows the quote: "You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure". But only a few of us are using metrics in daily operations. Why? Because measuring is hard and expensive. Rasper will turn you into a metrics expert in 5 minutes.

Automated and Intelligent

When measurements are manual and time consuming you don't do those too often. With Rasper your business is measured every day allowing you to monitor historical trends and make educated and data informed decisions.

Reuse Industry Best Practices

When defining metrics available as part of Rasper we rely on industry best practices and experience of experts and customers. Stop reinventing the wheel and get access to metrics that top companies in the world are using to manage their business.

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